Our clients have given us some amazing compliments on our KellyBronze turkeys over the years. Here are only a few of them.

"I just wanted to thank you for the best turkey we have ever had - the smell and taste were wonderful, served hot or cold! I was also very surprised how little time it took to cook - brilliant! I shall be visiting you again next year. Thank you also for the courteous and helpful way you took my order."

Mrs Jenny Thompson, Telford

"Thank you very much for the gorgeous turkey. We cooked the turkey as you suggested and couldn't believe how well it worked. It was lovely. We will be back next year."

Mrs Marion Betts, Oswestry

"Beautiful turkey, beautiful presentation! Well done!"

Mrs Sandra Lewis, Leominster

"My family all insisted I wrote a letter to you to thank you for the beautiful turkey we had from you this Christmas. It was the best we have ever had. As you said, it did melt in our mouths. Well done!!"

Mrs Elaine Stuart, Shrewsbury

"It was a last minute decision to have a turkey from you this year, and what a great decision it was. It made our family's Christmas. It was so nice to have a turkey that had real flavour and was not dry. Keep up the good work and we will see you next year and we will have a larger bird!"

Mr Will Pritchard, Wrexham

"Just a quick note to thank you for being so helpful and providing us with a truly gorgeous turkey. I can honestly say we had forgotten what proper turkey tastes like. The cooking instructions and meat thermometre were so useful and made the cooking easier as I am not the best cook. See you next year!"

Mr John Corbett, Market Drayton

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"A free range KellyBronze is the Rolls Royce of turkey, with its full- flavoured, densely textured meat and marbled muscle meat. To those used to pearly white skins on supermarket turkeys, it should be noted that tiny brown feather stubs can be left in the skin of the KellyBronze: designer stubble that makes them look cosy and old-fashioned."

The Times

"Award-winning KellyBronze turkeys are free range and excellent quality."

Good Housekeeping Magazine

"According to Kelly's, one of the true tests of a turkey is when you eat it cold. And I have to say that - hot or cold - their Bronze birds have a lingering deep flavour, a fine succulence and punchy gaminess."

Henrietta Green
"The Food Lovers Christmas" book